Do you know the three kinds of colleges and universities which are most suitable for students with poor family but excellent character and learning?

About the problem of poor students in college, although now there are all kinds of policies can be exempted from their worries, such as student loans, the green channel and so on, but no matter how to say, the cost of the college including tuition, living expenses, etc., for some poor family, is still a lot of cost and heavy burden.In fact, in the light of family difficulties but students with excellent character and learning, there are a few kinds of schools particularly suitable for them to enter for an examination, because read these a few kinds of schools basically do not spend any money, what are there specifically?Let’s take a look.The first category is military school.A military school, in short, is a school for training military commanders and professional soldiers.China’s more famous military academies have national University of Defense Technology, Army Engineering University, Naval Engineering University, Air Force engineering University, rocket Force engineering university, aerospace engineering university, information engineering university, etc..Military academy recruits students by proportion from army and place every year, place enters school namely enlist, enjoy soldier treatment.Junior college three years after graduation general second lieutenant platoon rank, undergraduate four years after graduation awarded lieutenant vice company rank.When military school is very good, reading not only don’t have to pay any fees, including fees and living expenses, and there may be some allowance subsidy, because these students enrolled the enlistment, enjoy the active treatment, even after admitted to military academy, where families can enjoy certain subsidy, also need not consider job after graduation, countries will package distribution,After successful graduation will obtain sergeant and bachelor’s degree, work by the school according to the major and the major military region needs to be allocated, the whereabouts of the three armed forces involved in the sea, land and air.And assigned to the army, not to mention high wages, development prospects are also very good.The second category is free normal university students.Free normal university students is a special policy implemented by the state for education, mainly to attract students with excellent character and learning to engage in education.After passing the exam, students do not have to pay tuition and accommodation fees, and even have a living allowance of several hundred yuan per month. After graduation, they do not have to worry about the problem of work. As long as you choose to teach in primary and secondary schools, basically many schools will rush to take it, even if you do not choose the right school by yourself.The education department in charge of the place where the students come from will also carry out overall planning and allocation, and clear positions, and free normal students do not have to participate in the recruitment of public institutions around, directly obtain the establishment and position, the relevant salary and pay is the same as the formal recruitment of teachers, or even better.Of course, free normal unripe is not good to take an examination of, at present, in the light of the free free normal unripe of the whole country only the 6 normal colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education are engaging, basically have Beijing Normal University, Central China normal University, northeast normal University, southwest University and so on.The third category is military medical school.Strictly speaking, in fact, this is also a kind of cadets, usually a lot of people did not pay attention to, mainly refers to the army opened medical colleges, mainly serves the army medical construction, such as the first military medical university, the second military medical university, the third military medical university and so on.These military medical schools are very good, not to mention in the military system, but in the whole medical field, these military medical schools are the best, and their affiliated hospitals are well-known hospitals in the country, such as xinqiao Hospital and Southwest Hospital of the Third Military Medical University.The treatment enjoyed by these schools is exactly the same as that of cadets. After graduation, they will also be assigned to work in these hospitals where the army is located. The treatment is very good.How’s that?Is that clear?For students with family difficulties, in fact, this kind of school is a very good choice.Of course, these schools are not very easy to test, all need good character and learning talent.Is that clear?Please leave comments and discuss.

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