Headmaster sentient beings, please their own students to drink milk tea, see a share, concern about students led to hot discussion online

When I was a student, EVERY time I saw the principal, I would run away dejected.Not how scary he was, but he would ask us every time, how was the homework going, was the tutorial done?Tell me when it’s gone, AND I’ll buy it for you!The teacher’s concern, mostly study goes up, the school wants teaching result, the parent wants examination mark, the teacher runs about here and there tired become a dog, the student is indifferent as before however.However, the headmaster of a university in Guangxi has changed the stereotype and invited students to drink milk tea.Originally, the teacher’s concern, there are other forms.Guangxi university canteen, several students came across the president, thought they would pass by, without any communication, but the president has to buy milk tea for them, see a cup of hands.The principal invited the students to drink milk tea. The students were happy and the principal was happy. When the principal smiled, he could feel his happiness and happiness.But some people say that our headmaster only cares about his studies, and he doesn’t care about anything else.Some people say that caring is just a form, no big effect, but the fact is really so?No.Some people only care about study, some people care about life, but most students, during the university, only see the president once or twice — opening ceremony, graduation ceremony.The principal must be no small in age, graying but energetic, kind face, he bought milk tea with a happy smile.Perhaps in his eyes, buying milk tea for his children is a kind of happiness, a long-lost happiness.What was your first reaction when you met, if not the president of the university?Students in high positions are too intimidated to come forward and say hello and choose another way to slip away.But this principal did not. He was kind and kind and loved by his students.When communicating with students, he always keeps smiling and asks students to drink milk tea without misgiving. His smile is really beautiful, the students are warm in their hearts, and the principal is filled with happiness. Across the screen, we can feel the joy and joy.When I went to school, the school held the opening ceremony, and I saw the headmaster in the playground, but the distance was too far to see clearly. Even if I saw the headmaster again in the future, I would not feel that he was.But the principal did not understand, and on weekdays must be very familiar with the students.The president of the university was affectionate and invited his students to drink milk tea. The students did not refuse, and one person felt the president’s love with a cup of milk tea.The principal was so amiable that if the principal looked cold and high, students would involuntarily walk away for fear of being “called to talk”.Sometimes see the president do not know what to say, a good teacher or good president, then perfunctory escape, but the president is different, take the initiative to invite more than a dozen students to drink milk tea, if a cup of 20 yuan, the president has to consume hundreds of yuan.Perhaps in the eyes of the students, the principal is very dignified, but in the eyes of the principal, the students are their own children, need to get their own care.What is the happiness between teachers and students?You know me and I know you, mutual respect and fulfillment.Good teachers are hard to find, and so are good students. When teachers help students and students respect teachers, we expect them to look like.There are many forms of caring, but this form of caring is hotly debated by others.Some people say that our headmaster only cares about grades and doesn’t care about anything else.Some people said, our principal, no matter what, meet to say hello is good;Some people say that these students are really lucky to be able to communicate with the principal.If a student is young enough to meet a good teacher, he will remember it in his heart for the rest of his life. But as a teacher, if he can clearly remember the appearance and name of many students, it is also a kind of happiness.It is not difficult to find a good teacher, but it is rare to find a teacher who cares about students, but this principal did it.Many people envy students, not only can face to face communication with the president, but also can drink the president’s milk tea, really too happy!Good teachers and good friends are hard to find, intimate friends are hard to find, what is a teacher?Preaching and enlightening also, burning their own, illuminate others……What do you think?For more exciting content, please follow @Xiaobo talking about education

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