Is it necessary to take a good look at yourself during Spring Festival?

My husband has been beating me lately: “You don’t want to be smart all the time, let alone think you are smart.It’s time to take a good look!”Well, it’s time to take a good look at yourself, and do a heart-wrenching review.Say nothing else, say in recent years toss bar, restless I, toss enough choke!I don’t know what to say.To put it crudely, blaming people, who knows?He who knows me knows me, but he who does not know me knows me.This sentence should be like this, know me very few, I dare say, very few!To tell you the truth, first do not talk about human nature, also do not say the people, if I said straightforward, do not say offended the so-called friends, even the family will offend over, so, I have to learn from my fellow townie qu Zi, wronged yourself, bosom sand sink, do not say for the better!Therefore, life is really a lonely journey!Not to be sarcastic, it is!Oh, oh, oh, let’s get back to business!Don’t you want to check yourself?Well, first, in the future, if you want to be able to do two things, you have to reflect on your past mistakes and don’t complain about them.Second, although he said that he had believed in “bold assumptions and careful verification”, but it seems to be done a bit too much, too bold, bold to a bit outrageous situation!Take a look at the picture below to find out!Is such a project ridiculous?(Editor’s note: When I look back on projects like this, IT’s ridiculous. I had to blur out what I thought I was supposed to blur out so no one would think I was advertising!)Third, after is again how, also have to contemplate oneself a few jin a few two, do not know, must not let oneself ambitious beyond the dream, although say “the dream is to have in case realized?”This is a provocative piece of bullshit, but you better treat it like a fart, or it could do a lot of damage!Fourth, in the aspect of human life, and remember this sentence: “a little more Yang to work, little conspiracy defense!”People ah, this life is not easy, now I again severely fell once, no matter when I can turn over, first remember this sentence!Fifth, in the future to set the goal of life, silently to do it, but, in front of the end how many pits, have to guard against it.Sixth, always remember to sum up experience and lessons, although said not afraid of the south wall, but, the south wall afraid of you?That’s what retards do!So, don’t be rash in everything, think twice before you act.Which to think twice: anticipate is standing, you anticipate?What do you expect?Did you foresee the consequences?Seventh, be wise. Some people live well and are wise before they are wise. But such people are few and far between.Some people are tired when they are alive. Their wisdom is behind them. Most of them are, and SO am I.So, in order to be able to wake up and wake up as soon as possible, there is only one way to work hard?Eighth, to be able to listen to people at the critical moment, as the saying goes, listen to people advised to eat!Ninth, although said “a fall into a pit and gain your wit”, but it is not just a gain in wisdom, it is better to learn more, so that can be a new man again!Tenth, or to carry, do not have too much thought burden, the front of the nine want to open, then there is no need to leave the thought burden, long knowledge, long memory!11. Through this battle, one must still go on, on, on!

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