Korean as UN official language?A spokesman for the UN agency denied the rumor: It is not true

After English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic, the UN will have a seventh official language – Korean?According to the AFP on February 7, posts circulating on South Korean social media claimed that The Korean language has been unanimously adopted as the new official language of the United Nations and will be used in UN meetings and official written documents.A spokesman for the UN Regional Office for East and Northeast Asia said Korean is not an official language used by the UN and is not listed on the UN website.Earlier, civic group Cyber Diplomatic Mission (VANK) urged the government to officially launch a campaign to make Korean the official language at the United Nations and other international organizations, AFP Fact-Check reported on Monday.”Korean has been listed as the official language of the United Nations.At present, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic are the official languages according to UN regulations, and only those languages are used in official documents.”The United Nations unanimously adopted Korean as an official language, as the number of Korean speakers (excluding Native Speakers) surpassed the number of French speakers, reaching 77 million.Korean is spoken by more than 75 million people, 72 million of whom live on the Korean Peninsula, AFP said.However, the recent rumors are wrong, and some netizens seem to have been misled by the content of the posts.After reading the posts, some Korean netizens commented, needless to say, I am filled with pride, while others said, Great, Korea is always the best.On February 4, a spokesman for the United Nations in east Asia and northeast Asia sub-region office told AFP, the United Nations’s official language is still English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic, Korean has not been listed as the United Nations official language, the United Nations also does not have the resolution to Korean as the official language.He added, Korean is sometimes used at UN meetings where many Korean speakers are present, but it is neither an official language nor a written language that appears on official documents at the UN.The process by which the six official languages were adopted is documented on the UN website.Among them, English, French, Chinese, Spanish and Russian were established as official languages by the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council in 1946, while Arabic became the official languages of the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council in 1973 and 1982 respectively.This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.

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