Please answer the same as 1988!Beef octopus, Myeongdong seafood cake, snow ice…

Guangzhou Korean material hot list Top① “Shuangmendong 18” Korean drama please answer 1988 same style!Three restaurants for extra value!Ssanfmun-dong18. “Guangzhou Korean material industry queue king, hurry to punch the card” 1° 솽먼 Guangzhou Korean material industry ceiling “Double men hole 18”, open a fire, know how to eat diners all want to punch the card!Now launch discount set meals, per capita from 80+ can taste authentic Korean flavor!Many of the ingredients are flown in fresh from South Korea and cooked by experienced chefs.Even koreans who have been unable to return home for several years feel homesick after eating here!2° 솽먼 솽먼 seize the concessions, big rub a meal “these signature dishes, other homes can not eat!”O1/쇠 기 문어 전골 ox devil king war eight-claw fish “double gate dong 18” gold sign “ox devil King war eight-claw fish”, carnivorous animals see the eyes are straight!People are coming for it!Even koreans eat it and even say “ah!Beef + rice cake + octopus, with special sauce mixed in a large pot, served on the spot heating.Wrap it in Perilla and shove it in your mouth.The octopus is fresh and chewy, and the fat cows are thick!O2/황금비율 삼겹살 낙지 Golden ratio pork belly fish octopus head is relatively large, when eating can let the shop assistant brother to help you cut small pieces, wrapped in fragrant spicy slightly sweet sauce, each bu Bu crisp, super crisp!// With the golden ratio of fat and thin pork belly, the aroma of grease is coming!Soft yet solid taste, with bursts of rich milk and sauces slightly spicy!O1 · Shuangmendong Fried rice with rice and sauce stir-fried evenly on the iron plate. The shuangmendong fried rice with shredded Shanghai moss is also very healing.Dry rice people carry the bowl is reluctant to put down!Have a bowl of kelp fish cake soup warm, this winter is not too cold!Chunks of fish cake and fresh kelp, just looking at the heart filled with satisfaction and happiness!O3 · Snow ice in the shop assistant little brother invincible hand speed stirring, instant fairy floating!Next you will get a bowl of granular taste special snow ice, put red beans and condensed milk, ice cold ~O4 · Ming Dong seafood cake three sisters South Koreans like to eat all kinds of cakes, “Double gate 18” directly the most original Taste of South Korea out, dip in special sauce, crisp inside the tender super fresh!O5 · Korean side dishes “Shuangmendong no. 18″ side dishes can be continued indefinitely, spicy cabbage, honey chestnut potato, cold sprouts, vegetable salad, feel that eating side dishes can be satisfied to eat until full!”Korean style cartoon style, dream of Korean drama 1988!””Shuangmendong 18” with authentic Korean style decoration, in a restaurant particularly conspicuous special.Small to lighting, large wall murals, decoration, the boss spent all his efforts!The humorous and lovely Korean cartoon wind on the wall, more than a little sister to eat here have to clear the phone memory in advance.Hurry to take advantage of the discount to clock in, Guangzhou two stores as you pick!Shop address: No. 548-552, 119-120, Huifu East Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou business hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00am-23:00 PM

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