Smart keys never do that because it’s too dangerous

In the old days, we drove like this: we put the key in the lock and opened the door;Sit in the car, the key is inserted into the power lock under the steering wheel, gently turn, the car starts.Later, with the anti-theft lock we can open the door without a key, just press the anti-theft key unlock key, you can enter the car.We can now carry our keys in our pockets at all times and lock our cars when we are within a certain distance of them.Into the car, just press the start button (or knob), the car ignition started, to achieve this function is currently popular “keyless entry system”.Working principle The common keyless entry system, also known as the intelligent key system, is composed of a transmitter, remote control central lock control module, driving authorization system control module three receivers and the relevant wiring harness composed of the control system.The remote control and transmitter are integrated into the car key, and the car can be locked or opened according to the signal sent by the smart key, and can even automatically close the Windows and sunroof.This system uses RFID(radio frequency identification) technology. Usually, when the owner approaches the vehicle within about 1 meter, the door lock will automatically open and remove the anti-theft;When leaving the vehicle, the door lock will automatically lock and enter the anti-theft state.When the owner enters the car, the car detection system will immediately identify the smart card, then just gently press the start button (or knob), you can normally start the vehicle, the whole process, the car keys do not need to take out.A keyless entry system will certainly add to the cost of a car.It also costs a lot to replace a lost key.Intelligent key is generally include electronic key and mechanical keys, when no electricity or electronic key cannot be used because of malfunction, the user can also use the original mechanical way to start the car, once lost the key to smart (including electronic key and mechanical key), need to match the new electronic key, and the rest of the other a spare key will also failure, need to the 4 s shop replacement.In addition, the mechanical key set up for emergency is actually equipped with ID code. The replica tooth part cannot start the vehicle, but the tooth can be used to open the door. Therefore, if you lose the mechanical key, it is better to replace the whole lock of the car, which is not only the price of replacing a key.Keyless entry system includes three basic functions: automatic unlock, intelligent ignition and identification of the owner.Some brands also have automatic window closing function after locking the car.Function 1: Automatic unlock door lock is automatically opened and closed by the chip of the smart card carried by the owner.When the owner approaches the car, the keys and the car begin to exchange preset instructions via radio waves.The car’s shutdown and safety systems, as well as the engine’s control system, are then activated.That is to say, when you approach a certain distance of the vehicle (generally 1 meter), the door lock will automatically open and remove the anti-theft;When you leave the vehicle, the door lock will automatically lock and enter the anti-theft state.Function 2 Intelligent ignition Usually, the driver needs to insert the key into the car ignition keyhole to start the engine.The keyless startup of the Smart Key makes all this easier.The function of the smart key is to enable the engine to identify whether the operator is the owner and enter the standby state before starting at any time.When the engine needs to be started, the driver can press the start button or twist the turn button to start the engine as long as the smart key is in the detectable area.Each smart key has a unique ID code corresponding to the vehicle ID code.Even if the key is simply copied, the vehicle cannot be started without the ID code.Only when the owner into the car, the car’s detection system will immediately identify the smart card, after confirmation of the car’s computer will enter the working state, then just gently press the car’s start button (or knob), you can normally start the vehicle.Because the smart key uses low-intensity radio waves, it may not work well in the presence of magnetic interference.The constant placement of smart car keys with your phone will inevitably cause them to malfunction, as the chip in the smart key is sometimes interfered with the frequency of the phone, which can temporarily disable the remote control function of the key.In addition, if the smart key receives high intensity radio waves, it may overdrain the battery.Therefore, do not place smart keys near electronic devices, such as televisions or personal computers.For intelligent keys, the most afraid of is falling to the ground from high, because most intelligent key shell is strong, and the internal line impact resistance is weak, easy to damage when encountering violent collision.In addition, the water in the smart car keys can burn out the internal wiring and cause the remote control to malfunction.So once the intelligent car key water, do not hold the key hard to throw, so that the most easy to water to other important lines, do not immediately use remote control to open the lock, because it may lead to circuit board burned out.The correct way is to open the car key shell flat, dry with a hair dryer, and then send to the repair shop for inspection.Also be careful not to expose the smart key to direct heat, for example, on the dashboard or hood.If the car key is not kept properly and lost, it will bring a lot of trouble, especially the smart car key. Once lost, it not only needs to be rebuilt, but also needs to be re-matched with the computer.Unlike general mechanical keys, smart keys are not lost because of the vehicle’s anti-theft technology, but can be used by simply making one.It is understood that every manufacturer has established strict procedures for keyless door opening and key matching for its after-sales service department, so owners are reminded to protect the spare key as much as possible, do not put the spare key together with the current key, and do not put the spare key in the car.The battery life of a smart car key is about one year.Depending on how often you use your car keys, you consume different amounts of battery;The amount of battery used varies depending on the distance you use your car key.Changing the battery in a smart car key should be done carefully, as the circuit board in the key could burn out if anything goes wrong.Before the replacement, the car is mainly to see the battery replacement diagram, when opening the key, pay attention to the original position of the parts, try to choose the original battery;In the installation to carefully identify the positive and negative battery, do not put the wrong position;At the same time, pay attention to the sealing ring at the bottom of the key, do not damage in the replacement, otherwise it will burn out the circuit board.Five, B to contact metal items many female owners like to drop on the car keys with heavy decorations, some male owners will even a large number of other keys also string together.As everyone knows, in the jolting and jumping when the car is running, too much falling object on the key can wear and tear the limiting element and contact point of the switch through the lock core, resulting in its relaxation and premature damage, as time passes, the engine can be started ineffectively or flameout due to power failure in driving.What’s more, if the key is made of metal and placed with other keys, the smart key can touch or be covered by metal objects.

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