Spring Festival sympathy to send care year is also strong when the feeling is stronger

The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to make procurators, retired cadres and workers and social groups feel warm and enjoy a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the party group of our hospital carried out visiting activities on the eve of the Spring Festival to send care and warmth and bring New Year’s blessings.Li Li, secretary of the CPC Leading Group and Procurator-General of the PLA Veterans visited the representatives of the PLA veterans in Dachong community, sending them the warmth of the CPC and the government and the best wishes for the New Year.Procurator-general Li expressed heartfelt thanks to them for their contributions to national defense construction, learned about their family life, health status, employment and children’s education in detail, and wished them good health, a happy family and a happy New Year.Visiting and visiting retired cadres In addition, the leading group of our hospital visited retired veteran party members and their bereaved families in batches to understand their life and family situation, and sent holiday greetings and organization concerns.In the process of visit sympathy, condolences group to pay special attention to knowledge about the retired personnel and the ideas of the survivors, family, life and health, careful to ask whether the relevant treatment to normal enjoyment, and met with some difficulties in life, and so on, and charged with sympathy is responsible for the relevant work personnel cadre must earnestly implement relevant policies and treatment,Help them solve practical difficulties in life.

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