The bank has now issued a new rule that will result in your account being “locked” once you withdraw your cash.

It is reported that China’s major banks are gradually implementing a new type of transaction management, which is related to cash withdrawals.As the use of cash in People’s Daily life has become less and less, the control on withdrawal items has gradually become very strict.In addition, withdrawal is also a cautious business, and it is very important for banks to strictly control withdrawal business. Recently, all banks are required to prohibit large withdrawals from personal accounts. If large withdrawals occur in personal accounts, the account will be locked immediately.And this regulation will be gradually promoted in major cities and banks.Due to the development of payment technology, people’s use rate of cash has gradually decreased. Therefore, large withdrawals will basically reach the legal bottom line, and also lead to a series of financial crimes.And now through other means, such as mobile phone transfer more convenient and more quick, extraction of large amounts of cash it will cause greater burden and trouble to the daily life, so basically most people don’t choose to use large cash, but will use mobile phones or is the money in bank card to complete the daily life,So when there is a large withdrawal, people need to be very concentrated.So banks are increasingly regulating large withdrawals, which can mean financial fraud or theft.So the bank for these behaviors are highly concentrated and attention, once appear, the large amount of cash Banks are going to be very nervous, based on the present situation, Banks begin to control large withdrawal, now began to restrict large withdrawal, Banks to limit large withdrawal way for individual account first, bank has very strict rules,Large withdrawals from personal accounts are prohibited.Since individuals rarely need large amounts of cash, large withdrawals from individual accounts are likely to have been involved in financial crimes.Therefore, if individual accounts want to withdraw large amounts of cash, they need very strict management and inspection to prevent omissions.In addition to personal accounts, there are corporate accounts, which are similar to personal accounts and also need to be carefully checked by the bank.In order to withdraw large amounts of cash, enterprises also need to register with the bank first.Many people believe that the series of regulations and complicated projects of banks will make people waste a lot of unnecessary time. Therefore, many people think that the implementation of this regulation will have a bad effect.So a lot of people are suggesting whether this regulation can be postponed.When it comes to the negative effects of restricting large amounts of expression, it will not cause too much trouble to People’s Daily life.Because these applications and registration do not waste too much time, and now with the increasingly developed technology, people can submit applications anytime and anywhere to wait for the bank’s review, so there is no need to worry about the bank’s restriction will cause too much trouble.Moreover, banks’ restrictions on large withdrawals will actually have a beneficial impact on People’s Daily life and improve the security of their funds.Conclusion A series of regulations made by the bank are based on the needs of People’s Daily life, and these regulations are gradually implemented after the pilot set in advance, so there is no need to worry too much about the adverse effects.

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