The wind comes from the sea!Zhejiang Power Taizhou no.1 offshore wind farm officially started construction

On March 24, a total investment of 4.2 billion yuan of Linhai scenery storage integration project – Zheneng Taizhou no.1 offshore wind farm officially started, large cranes began to transport building materials, excavators for earthwork……The site was a scene of hectic construction.”At present, the onshore centralized control station has entered the pile foundation construction stage, and we will carry out the overall onshore and offshore construction according to the progress of the project.”Can zhejiang linhai offshore wind power co., LTD., head of the department before shi wei tells a reporter, the project application of advanced fan machine with the capacity of 7.5 mw, the cabin center height of 122 meters, the blade diameter of 208 meters, the swept area equivalent to five football fields, improve the efficiency of power generation and operation hours, intensive use of valuable Marine resources.Zhejiang Taizhou No. 1 offshore wind farm project is located in the north of Qierao Island, Linhai city. It is an offshore wind farm with a sea area of 26.3 square kilometers and a land area of about 27 mu.The project mainly builds an offshore wind turbine with a total installed capacity of 300MW, and a 220kV offshore booster station and an onshore centralized control station.”Wind power, as a clean and renewable energy, is conducive to the transformation and upgrading of the energy industry, the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body, and the alleviation of regional power supply and demand contradiction.”The project is scheduled to go into full operation in 2023 and generate 934 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, equivalent to one-sixth of the city’s total electricity consumption in 2021, said CAI Jian, head of the energy department of linhai’s development and Reform Bureau.It can save 309,000 tons of standard coal, reduce 624,400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and save 2.69 million cubic meters of fresh water every year.Linhai, as a provincial-level ecological civilization demonstration county (city, district), has made remarkable achievements in the development of clean energy, with nearly 90 small hydropower stations, guocangshan wind farm and other projects, fangxi power station will soon be put into operation.In November 2021, the city formulated the “Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting the Development of Clean Energy”, which plans to realize the grid-connected capacity of wind, solar, hydropower, biogas power generation and other clean energy generation capacity of the city by the end of the 14th Five-year Plan, and the proportion of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption will reach more than 25%.We will actively promote a shift from dual controls on energy consumption to dual controls on total carbon emissions and carbon intensity.As a major construction project planned during the 14th Five-year Plan period of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Taizhou No. 1 offshore wind Farm is an important measure for Linhai to fully implement the new development concept and help achieve the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goal.It is also a clean energy power generation project with the largest single installed capacity in the city. With the construction and operation of the project, it has a milestone significance for the development of green energy in the city.”It only took us more than three months from project approval to project commencement. The whole approval process was advanced by nearly half a year with the strong support of relevant departments of Linhai city, which fully reflects the speed of Linhai.”Zhang Wei, general manager of Zhejiang Zheneng Linhai Offshore Wind Power Co., LTD.Originally, in order to speed up the project landing, Linhai city set up a special class of action, the implementation of wall map operations, coordination of project promotion.It is understood that this is also the first affordable offshore wind power project started in the province. Under the background that new offshore wind power is no longer included in the financial subsidy, the benchmark electricity price implemented after the completion of the project is still 0.4153 yuan/KWH.”Through technological innovation, we controlled the construction cost while speeding up construction, saving 1.2 billion yuan compared to previous similar projects.”Zhang Wei said that under the tag of affordable prices, it is also necessary to integrate big data, Internet of things communication, AI and artificial intelligence means to explore the construction of digital offshore wind farms, to achieve unmanned management and intelligent operation.

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