End of winter Olympics journey Shenzhen women ice league return!The second half is off to a flying start

Shenzhen Vanke Sunshine beat Neva Dinamo 2-0 in the 23rd round of the 2021-2022 Russian Women’s Ice Hockey League (WHL) on Feb 23, Beijing time.Cribonne set up Miller for the opening goal, who then set up captain Mills to score.Goalkeeper Nora Letti made 35 saves in her first shutout of the season.After the end of the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing, some of the players is still in the break, not all return to the team, the game lineup has 17 players, including in BaiWei, Liu Zhixin, Wang Yuqing, new, rui, and other Chinese players, the starting line-up for the striker’s noordin, tower and slip, the defender for kerry bonnet and tommy ning,The goalkeeper is Finnish legend Nora Laiti.The first game, Shenzhen Vanke sunshine continuous manufacturing offensive, foreign aid Kava, Tapani and Houston have shot to create a threat.18 minutes, 23 seconds, Finland defender Klibonone assist, Miller from the middle range of the goal, 1-0.In the first game, Shenzhen Vanke sunshine team shot to 15-21 behind.Entering the second game, both sides respectively missed a more play less, 30 minutes and 06 seconds, Shenzhen Vanke Sunshine team again seized the opportunity, Miller shot was blocked by the other goalkeeper, then Mills followed the left side of the goal, the score came to 2-0.Nevadinamo, who had fallen behind, stepped up their attack, and both sides were very competitive, with two fouls on each side, but neither side was able to control the play.In the third game, shenzhen Vanke Sunshine team’s back line was under great pressure, but the players worked very hard and did not give the opponent a chance. Goalkeeper Letti made many excellent saves and let the opponent get away with nothing.Shenzhen Vanke Sunshine team beat Neva Dynamo 2-0.Shenzhen Vanke full competition sunshine shooting times to 25 than 35 behind, foul penalty time to 16 minutes than 10 minutes more than opponents.Shenzhen Vanke Sunshine coach Brian Idalski said after the game, the team’s performance was very good, the first game after the restart of the season, the team’s operation is not as smooth as before;Letti was great, the front line scored a great goal, Houston, Mills and Miller were great;All in all, it was a good step and hopefully it will be better in the future.According to the schedule, at 18 o ‘clock on February 24th, Beijing time, Shenzhen Vanke Sunshine team will play Neva Dinamo back to back.Source: Shenzhen Kunlun Red Star Ice Hockey Club

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