February 4th is 24 years old. I have the same birthday as the Beijing Winter Olympics

When the “year of the Tiger” winter Olympics encounter “tiger” immigration police will have what kind of chemistry?When the opening ceremony hit the “winter Olympic new police” birthday will have what kind of story?He Xiao, a new police officer for the Winter Olympics, was born on February 4, 1998.This year is not only his birth year, but also his 24th birthday on the day of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.As a memorial, he wrote an emotional “Winter Olympics diary” on the morning of February 4.On February 4, the Olympic flame will be lit once again in the capital, with the five-ring flag waving and fireworks in the sky above the Bird’s Nest.Today marks the official opening of the 2022 Winter Olympics.It is an exciting day for 1.4 billion Chinese people, and a special day for me — today is my 24th birthday.What a proud thing to celebrate with the Winter Olympics!This event was like a special birthday present, so that the fate of the Olympics and I met by chance.In September 2021, I passed the national civil servant exam and came to the Beijing Border Police Station, where I became an immigration police officer.I have a special feeling about the police profession.I come from a public security family in Xinjiang. I have been living in the family hospital of the Public Security Bureau since childhood. My father is a police detective and my sister is a special police officer.Now, I fulfilled my wish to become the third people’s police in the home of four!After arriving at the terminus, the Beijing Winter Olympics security mission, the Capital International Airport became the only official port of entry.As the only immigration management agency on duty here, all the police officers of the Beijing Border Inspection Station are fully equipped to stand at the forefront of the escort event.On January 26, I, who had just received business training, looked through the window and saw a row of police cars parked neatly at the gate.The senior teachers and senior sisters are about to start the centralized closed-loop service mode of “7+7+7” with their luggage. Everyone has firm eyes and high morale.In this atmosphere, I also want to fight side by side with them, more firmly to escort the responsibility of the Winter Olympics on the shoulder.”Beijing border inspection, based on the front line of China’s national border, is the first filter to safeguard the security of the capital, and also the beautiful name card of China’s national border.”Leaders and colleagues of the spur, echo in my ears.Although I am not able to enter the Winter Olympics area, I am also giving full play to the role of a new police officer, working hard to learn the knowledge of border inspection, distributing epidemic prevention materials, and witnessing every historical moment of Beijing Winter Olympics security with my comrades.From Xinjiang to the capital, from school to police camp, from theoretical learning to winter Olympics security practice, The Beijing Winter Olympics will become my most beautiful memories and the most special starting line on the police road, and will accompany me to run firmly!Each generation has its own long march and responsibility.As the immigration police fighting in the front line of the Security of the Winter Olympics, it is our responsibility and responsibility to pass on the Olympic spirit, inherit the Glory of the Olympic Games, and integrate the youth struggle into the new road of “rushing for the examination”.Very lucky, 2022, I and the Winter Olympics, together to the future!

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