Live online good rice sells good prices

Every family hung red lanterns and posted festive couplets.Shuangjingzi village, Shuangjingzi town, Tieling County, Tieling City, North China’s Hebei Province, Feb. 7, 2019.Do breakfast, Guo Dan habitually into agricultural machinery warehouse, rice warehouse looked at a.”Last year, our rice was of good quality. We produced more than 500,000 jin of rice in our 400 mu paddy field. Now we still have more than 200,000 jin in our warehouse.Including the national grain subsidies, each mu of land can be 100 yuan more than the previous year.I also planted 60 mu of dry land.”The most exciting thing for Guo Dan is that after the new rice came down, she tried to live for the first time, the results of less than 1 hour to sell 420 single daoxianghua rice, “1 single 10 catties, 1 catty sold more than two pieces of money, 420 single sold more than 10,000 yuan.Guo Dan is a hardworking man.In the early days of marriage, the family was not in good condition, so the couple did small business.Later see the village to go out to work much, idle land is also much, began to contract land, gradually became the village of grain.In 2018, Guo Dan officially established Yang Xiaogang Family Farm in Tieling County under her husband’s name and registered the trademark “Yu Su Tianyuan” rice.After setting up the family farm, the couple devoted all their energies to becoming rich.Go out with the town to learn scientific farming, gradually expand the planting area of fine rice, try to plant “crab field rice”, life like a snowball, better and better.”Now MY home has 3 rotary machine, 1 planter, 1 rice transplanter, 1 rice harvester, last year also bought a forklift, these agricultural machinery outsourcing services can also earn two or three thousand yuan a year.”Guo Dan said quickly.”Before, when the new rice came down, I just shared my wechat moments, but I couldn’t sell the good rice at a good price.”When it comes to live streaming, Guo Dan immediately started talking, “This year, I will record videos from the selection of fine seeds, seedling raising, rice transplanting, field management to the marketing of new rice, so that consumers can see the production process of my rice with their own eyes, and eat more assured.”Last year, Guo tried growing tianlong 619 rice.”It costs 25 yuan per catty, eight times as much as ordinary rice seeds. Although the rice is of high quality and tastes good, the yield is lower. Only 5 mu of land was planted.This year, I plan to plant 100 mu of this variety.New meters down the implementation of pre-sale, ready to do through the quick hand live 7,000 single.If you sell one jin for two yuan more, you can sell 70,000 jin for more than 100,000 yuan more.”As the “rice fragrant town”, Shuangjingzi town has 1/3 of the paddy fields in the county.Heard of tieling county has been approved to create a national demonstration zone agricultural modernization and national agricultural socialization service innovation pioneer, tieling is vigorously promote “Internet + agricultural products out of the village to the town” project, the confidence of the human foot, “in the future, I am going to put 400 mu of paddy rice fragrant flowers on all kinds of new varieties, to tieling rice fragrance spreads across the country.”(Source: Liaoning Daily)

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