Lou Yixiao “Legend of heroes in the Northeast Night Market” laugh staged food adventure surprises again and again

Recently, by Lou Yixiao, Liu Shuailiang, Cheng Ye, Zhang Kaili and other people starring comedy short drama “Northeast Night Market heroes” has been exclusive online youku.This drama tells about the gastronomic master qi Jian that puts a dream (Liu Shuailiang is acted the role of), the gastronomic street that boldly walks into having long history — carved flower night city, come across “night city daughter” Li Xue period (Lou Yixiao is acted the role of) leave for it, open gastronomic adventure.In a series of factional conflicts, external competition and other tests, the little people grow hand in hand, together to create their own strongest night market.In the drama, Lou Yixiao played Li Xueqi is the daughter of the real power boss of the carved flower night market. Wherever she goes, she brings her own light. After meeting at first sight, she also becomes one of the most important reasons for Qi Jian to stay in the night market.In the updated plot, Lou yixiao’s every appearance is surrounded by the artificial three-dimensional rotating BGM “A Bit Sweet”, which is full of “laughter” and makes people laugh.Lou Yixiao’s excellent lines are also recognized by the audience, and the authentic “northeast big ball in the bud” accent is infinitely close to the plot, full of intimacy.In addition, Lou’s appearance in the show has also aroused heated discussion among fans, who have suggested That Li transform herself into a beauty blogger to share her daily dating tips and fashion sense.Many viewers said that Lou yixiao’s talent as a comedian is impressive and they are looking forward to seeing more works online.In the story of heroes in the Northeast Night Market, all kinds of food scenes really make people mouth-watering, worthy of being a serious comedy about food.It is reported that the drama was filmed in Liaoning province. Lou, a native of Liaoning province, also enjoyed a lot during filming, and repeatedly advertised her hometown food on social media platforms.Every noon 12 o ‘clock youku alone broadcast, the gourmet feast for you to enjoy!

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