President Of Ukraine not criticizing US by name: big mistake

American politicians and media have done much to hype up war sentiment, and evacuations have been in the news lately.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky held a joint press conference with visiting German Chancellor Angela Scholz on Thursday.In his speech, Zelensky called it a “huge mistake” for some countries to move their embassies west.He also said it was a critical moment for the country and he hoped that Ukrainian businessmen, oligarchs and politicians who had left the country would return home within 24 hours.He did not forget to stress that he and his family are still in Kiev. It is worth noting that the day before Zelensky’s speech, Ukrainian media reported that a total of 20 charter flights took off from Kiev airport, which was the first such scene in nearly six years.Russian Sputnik news agency and Ukrainian newspaper Pravda reported Monday that Zelensky said at a press conference that he believes it is necessary to send a signal from the national level to representatives of different parties who are traveling abroad.”I personally expect them to be back in the country within 24 hours. They should be back.”Mr Zelensky also said the government would not influence business decisions and that oligarchs should return home as soon as possible “to their companies and their employees”.He said he had noticed reports of “flight” chartered by businessmen, but that meant Ukraine was “a rich country” and that the planes were empty and not taking things out of the country.On February 14, the United States will close its embassy in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and move its operations and remaining diplomatic staff to the western city of Lviv.Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and other countries have done the same.Mr. Zelensky said in his speech that it was “a big mistake” for some countries to withdraw their embassy staff to western Ukraine because “Ukraine is one” and “indivisible.”If something happens, “nowhere is safe.”TASS: It was a big mistake for business tycoons and diplomats to leave Ukraine. In his speech, he emphasized that he and his family are still in Kiev.”My family is always with me, always with Ukraine, it’s not a sad thing.I am the president, and my wife is the first lady of this country, and she must set an example for other families in this country.””Zelensky said.Zelensky also posted a video address on social media that day.”I say to all state representatives, civil servants, people’s representatives at all levels who have left the country or are planning to leave the country in the near future: the Ukrainian people have entrusted you not only to govern the country, but to defend it,” he said.You are duty-bound to be with us under such circumstances.I now ask you to return to your motherland within 24 hours to fight alongside the Ukrainian army and people.”For months, western media and politicians, led by the United States, have been playing up the war mood, regardless of What Russia says, and panic is spreading in Ukraine.Mr. Zelensky told reporters late last month that the situation had led to the withdrawal of nearly $12.5 billion from Ukraine as the information space was filled with rumors of a possible war with Russia.Ukrainian politicians and some of the country’s richest people are fleeing the country as tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine, according to a new report in Ukraine Pravda on Monday.For the first time in six years, about 20 charter and private planes left Kiev on Monday alone.Reports say the plane leaving Kiev on Wednesday included Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov;Viktor Pinchuk, Ukraine’s second-richest man, left the country on January 30th.In addition to businessmen, some Ukrainian parliamentarians are also rushing out.Opposition MPS and businessman Igor Abramovich booked a private jet with 50 passengers to fly to Vienna, the report said, citing sources.However, some of the “defectors” mentioned also denied the claims.Andrei Stavnitze, a businessman, flew out of Ukraine on Monday but said he was on a business trip and would return in a few days.At present, the mediation work on the Situation in Ukraine is continuing.The New York Times reported on May 14 that the meeting between Scholz and Zelensky lasted longer than expected.Mr. Scholz said Germany would continue to support Ukraine financially and encourage German companies to invest in the country, but he again ruled out providing arms to Ukraine.After finishing his visit to Ukraine, Scholz will leave for Russia for talks with Putin on the morning of 15th.Us Secretary of State Blinken held a telephone conversation with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Alexander Kuleba on May 14.Blinken said working to support the downgrade was an immediate priority for the United States.According to Sputnik news agency, Russian Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said That Putin is willing to “negotiate” on the situation around Ukraine and security guarantees.Peskov noted that Ukraine is only part of the problem. “It is part of the more serious question of security guarantees for Russia, and of course President Putin is open to negotiations.”Net source | observer

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