Qingming small long holiday comes, outing travel, how safe and at ease?

Swallows come to the new agency, pear flowers behind qingming.It is a good time for spring outing again. In the case of repeated outbreaks throughout the country this year, how to ensure the safety and ease of travel during the Qingming Festival?Yangjiawei Public Park is located in Jiangning District of Nanjing, where the Qinhuai River and Xiaolong Bay meet. The reed marshes and well-arranged green vegetation have become a place for residents and office workers to relax.Wu Yang, who lives in Chunjiang Licheng district of Longhu, walks to the park every night after dinner.”In the past, there were a lot of people who came here for a walk after dinner, but these days, more people feel that they have fun during the day because of the epidemic.””Since you can’t go to scenic spots, you can enjoy the view on your doorstep,” Wu said.The park is always well cared for, the river is clean, the vegetation is lush and there are seasonal flowers every season.”April 1 afternoon, the reporter came to the park, in the spring warm sun irradiation, the park lively.There are tents pitched up on the lawn, families half-lying in tents for siestas, and bodybuilding enthusiasts wearing short-sleeved tracksuits, sunglasses and headphones running along a plastic track by the river.April is coming, spring is beautiful, there are many people who want to go out for an outing.Zhang Zihan, a student in Wuxi, also has plans to travel. “The weather was fine in April, so I wanted to go out for a walk. I had planned to go back to Suqian for the second HPV vaccination and get together with my high school classmates.Now the school is closed due to the epidemic, so I can only walk around the lake of the school.”On March 30, Ctrip released an insight into the 2022 Qingming Holiday Travel trend, showing that Nanjing ranked among the top 10 domestic tourist cities during this year’s Qingming Festival.During the weekend of March 26-27, tour orders around Nanjing increased by double digits.It is predicted that the whole Qingming Holiday will show a rebound travel, fancy local travel and other trends.Xie Xiaoqing, a senior researcher at Ctrip Research Institute, believes that mass tourism consumption demand will not disappear, but will only be temporarily accumulated or transformed.As user preferences become more and more subdivided and complex, the tourism development model should be transformed from resource-driven to innovation-driven, and the fine cultivation of tourism industry chain is expected to bring greater value.Strict epidemic prevention, “scenery at home” used for the Qingming three-day holiday, the public is most concerned about “where can play”, and how to ensure the safety of travel.At present, Nanjing Xuanwu Lake park chrysanthemum peach, purple leaf peach, etc. are in full bloom.Reporters learned that the park in strict implementation of the “limit, reservation, wrong peak” requirements, qingming holiday open to the public, but the scenic area is still the maximum carrying capacity and instantaneous maximum carrying capacity does not exceed 50% of the approved value, respectively 90,000 and 40,000 person-time.Real-time dynamic information of passenger flow will be published on the large electronic screens at main entrances such as Xuanwu Gate and Jiefang Gate, as well as on the official website of the scenic spot.”At present, the hospital strictly implements appointment management, implements temperature measurement, code testing, mask wearing, one-meter noodles, toilet and public facilities disinfection measures, fountain shows and dating corner and other offline activities of all kinds of gathering suspended, the Ming Hou Lake Huangzuku site pavilion and other indoor pavilions temporarily closed.”Qin Xiaobin, party secretary and director of xuanwu Lake Park Management Office, said the park has also formulated epidemic prevention and control work plans and emergency plans, with a temporary quarantine point at the main entrance. The park has also warned visitors to wear masks and avoid gathering by increasing the frequency of radio broadcasts and patrols.Yangzhou’s Slender West Lake Scenic area will also open during the Qingming Holiday.”The upcoming Qingming Holiday will become the peak period for citizens to travel, outing, all the staff of the scenic area to prepare for the public tourists to create a beautiful, healthy and safe atmosphere.”Scenic area management office tomb-sweeping day in April 1 before production safety work conference, the scenic area management office deputy director of the Gu Weidong said, to do a better job of disease prevention and control of zone spreading related work, to the grid search and voluntary service, and communities in the scenic area is divided into several levels, region, for the small long vacation period scenic area harmonious, orderly and civilized quality guarantee.Cultural and tourism departments have said that the “scenery at home” should be fully used, citizens do not have to travel during the Qingming Holiday, suburban outing will have a good place — Lianyungang Flower and Fruit Mountain, sea Yuntai Mountain, Even Island, Maple Bay, Yu Bay and other scenic spots since April 1 to reopen;Longshan Feast Valley in Jiangning District of Nanjing also resumed business on April 2.Suqian liuwei village, Shuanghe village and other beautiful villages, with grey walls and black tiles, verdant trees waiting for tourists nearby.Many scenic spots and venues have not been opened to the public.For scenic spots and cultural tourism market players, how to maintain interaction with tourists during the special period, keep tourists’ eyes on scenic spots or venues, and quickly “monetize” into traffic after the epidemic passes?In March, when the pear blossoms are in full bloom, the plain colors win the garden.It is a good time to enjoy flowers at the annual “Pear Orchid Fair” in Santai Mountain of Suqian, but the scenic spot is not open to the public due to the epidemic.But this year santaishan will launch a “Cloud Pear Orchid Fair”, inviting visitors to view flowers online.The 500 mu pear trees in the scenic spot are nearly 100 years old, and the opening ceremony of Yishu pear, Fragrant pear and Kde pear will be broadcast live 24 hours a day on platforms such as Tiktok and wechat of Santaishan National Forest Park.Taking tourists to “cloud” clock has become the choice of many scenic spots in this Qingming Holiday, and the gameplay is increasingly rich.Suzhou Lili Pear Flower Cultural Festival invites visitors to “cloud” to see the flowers. On April 2, the “Lilgo” platform was launched, allowing visitors to take their cultural and creative products home at the touch of their fingers.Wechat emoticons created based on Lili Snacks were also launched, allowing citizens and tourists to “socialize in the cloud”.During the Qingming Festival, based on the strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work, Nanjing Happy Valley resumed its opening and launched the Jinling Huafu Festival. “From April 3 to 5, we will invite Internet celebrities with high appearance to take netizens to the whole ‘cloud tour garden’.”Nanjing Happy Valley staff said that users who are not convenient to go out can watch it online simultaneously, and there are interactive activities on various social platforms.For cultural and exhibition venues, “closed service” has become the norm under the epidemic.The Nanjing Museum has been temporarily closed since March 16, but “Fingertip relics” are available online for viewers to enjoy, and the recently unveiled Treasure of Town Wax, silver and bronze Ox Lamp offers a 360-degree view.The China Grand Canal Museum in Yangzhou has also launched a virtual exhibition, where ancient canal buildings and canal towns can be viewed online.Wuxi Tin theater launched “Cloud enjoy tin charm” tin drama special online exhibition and broadcast activities, selected 9 individual concerts, highlights, large parties, gathered theater masters, masters, new works.In order to increase the online supply of high-quality literary and art content, suzhou various literary and art units, associations and cultural venues respectively organized cloud performances, cultural exhibition, cloud listening and all kinds of cultural activities, has been launched more than 180 activities, including nearly 100 cloud performances, 35 cultural exhibition, 14 online cloud listening and 48 online activities,It includes kunqu Opera, Suzhou Opera, burlesque, dance drama, concert, children’s drama, Suzhou Tanci, Suzhou Pingtan, calligraphy exhibition, photography exhibition, documentary, cultural lecture hall, live video and other forms.Xinhua Daily · Intersection point reporter Yan Ying Fuqi Xinhua Daily all media Economic News Department production editor: Wang Jing This article from, only represent the views of the author.The national Party media information public platform provides information dissemination services.ID: JRTT

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